A Directory Provides Multiple Income Streams.

Directories are the secret shortcut to gaining massive market share. You use them to harness linkjuice from competitors, and redirect it into your own websites to increase their natural rank. At the same time, you get to take some money from your competitors (membership fees and/or charging per lead). Finally, you can treat your growing Directory like a marketing list, to offer valuable upgrades and better websites for extra sales.

Directories are easier to rank, gather leads from, earn from, and upsell through - than a regular website.

Full Vertical/Horizontal Directory



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Search Engines - like Google - treat directories better than websites. That's because directories are higher priorities. 'Vertical' directories are based on a single industry. 'Horitontal' Directories are based on general listings, nationwide. Both are valuable.

A Directory gives you many more income sources and have more keyword visibility than simply getting a single website, or even a small set of websites. Also, you can add all of your own websites to your own directory - in each city/state across the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, England, and more!

Here are just a few advantages of owning a Directory:

  1. Everyone wants to join and add their website to your directory.
  2. Website Marketers want to add all of their Members to your directory.
  3. You can let them pay annually, monthly, or only pay for each lead they get.
  4. You can email through your members, offering them upsells (like a better website).
  5. You can let others add your social icon to their website with a link to you.
  6. You can harnass free linkjuice and multiple inbound sources of traffic at once.
  7. You can add all of your own websites and give them full priviliges (for free).
  8. If you have one or more websites, we'll create city-based entries, so it starts off with 1000's of listings!

Domain Name, Hosting, Admin Panel, Images, Logo, Social Icon, Directory Setup, and your ability to add unlimited websites are all included.

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Directory Lister (DL) Tool



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* This option assumes that you bought at least one Directory (using the package option on the left).

We built this Tool to make batch operations easy for our Directory owners. It's web-based, so you can gain access to it from any computer/laptop or even your mobile device.

You are able to do the following things with this Tool, without having to even enter the Admin area of your Directory:

  1. You can add more than one Directory to your list, for easy control.
  2. Mass-upload Members.
  3. Mass-upload Reviews for your Members.
  4. Modify any entry remotely (like updating a phone number or review).
  5. Change the Privilege level of any Member.
  6. Choose a Member to Delete.
  7. Or delete a set of Members following a pattern.
  8. Backup/Restore your Database (so you can safely make changes).
  9. Save or delete backups - allowing multiple history setpoints.
  10. Upload a set of zipped images (they'll be extracted automatically).
  11. Automatically mass geocode your member entries for Maps.
  12. Geocoding also allows distance-from-city-center-notes.

This Tool makes your Directory much easier to handle, especially if you want to add/manage multiple websites and/or subdomains at a time.

And it lets you offer an easy service for adding reviews for each of your Members - which is just one of unlimited options you can upsell through your group.

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