T2HA - Landing Page Expansion:
Fully Automated Pay-Per-Call (PPC) Method

Developed from Best Practices of 4 Multi-Millionaires Who Earn With Our Software Right Now

This Video Covers the Whole Project:

PPC Expansion Project: Totally Passive Income for You

The Pay-Per-Call (PPC) Industry is based on earning money whenever leads call from your landing page.
It doesn't matter whether they buy from the company or not; the contract is based on sending leads their way.
After speaking with 4 different multi-millionaires who use our system to 'make the phone ring' (which is the only thing companies care about),
we modeled a Landing Page System after the best cumulative practices we saw them perform.

Now, we are inviting you to join this process - get paid totally passive income using the same methods currently used by many of the largest companies today.

Includes Best Practice from 4 Multi-Millionaires, to form powerful Passive Income Streams for You:

  1. We choose the best industries for PPC income, to maximize your earnings.
  2. We create the domain name and set up the whole account for you.
  3. We use those industries to create landing pages.
  4. We create the copywriting to fill out those landing pages.
  5. We handle the SEO aspects of those landing pages.
  6. We handle the structured data of those landing pages.
  7. We get your forwarding phone number(s) for you, so you will earn from all qualifying calls.*
  8. We plug your project into a network of companies who have already agreed to pay by contract/practice for qualifying calls.*
  9. We do expansion runs for you, so there are literally 1,000's of landing pages in play to initiate your passive income.
  10. We will handle your project backlinking, to increase your Site Authority (this raises your rank, and therefore your income.)
  11. You will get access to the statistics for your project at the beginning of each month with your payout.
  12. As you earn money, you can buy more expansion pages from us, to earn even more average daily income!
  13. If you want to provide funds for Google AdWords, our AdWords Partner will buy your ads for you, to maximize your income.**
  14. We will ensure top 'quality scores' for your landing pages, to minimize ad costs / raise ad positions. Income rises with quality score.
  15. More landing pages will produce more income. Even from AdWords: many pages = 'geo-matching' ads to increase quality score.**
  16. Get a Directory, and we will add your LP Projects to your Directory to drive rank further. Also, invite your members to join your system!
  17. Start new Projects anytime! These will form parallel income streams.

*Qualifying Calls are: In-area (IP/Area-code based), During business hours, and a minimum # of seconds for the call to qualify.
**AdWords Participation: Minimum $1,000/day budget is recommended to maintain typical $250 - $800 daily profits. Increased ROI as we optimize your projects.

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Please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery.
After you approve, we will make it live and start paying you your commissions.
You will have full access to your visitor tracking statistics. You earn from your PPC volume and your Organic Listings (ranking keywords).
We earn when you buy more webpage stacks from us, to expand your reach.
Thank You for Your Business!

Best Regards, David Bennett

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