T2HA Co-Ownership Project: We Pay 2/3 of the Cost, and
Pay You Commissions While You Also Earn from Your Sales.

This option is available for the first 100 buyers!

Understand Everything in 12 Minutes - Watch this Video:

Seriously Awesome Deal:

Want us to pay 2/3 of your first project for you? That's because we are going to align our interests - we'll both make money from this project, which I'm going to explain below.

But quickly, before I share this streamlined project layout, let me cover a few notes:

People often ask which kind of website Google 'favors' most. Google does not 'favor' WordPress, Joomla, Weebly, Wix, Dreamweaver, or any other CMS (Content Management System, meaning 'Website Admin Panel') over the others. We all produce HTML/PHP/ASP pages. Google cares about the resulting pages - not which CMS made them.

Therefore, you have the freedom to choose any CMS to work with. Normally, you want to choose based on this: 'ease of use of the Admin Panel.' and 'Functions offered in the Admin Panel.' and 'Quality of output of the HTML/PHP/ASP pages.' This is where T2HA shines: the Admin Panel is really easy. The output webpages have error-free coding, maximized PageSpeeds, Canonical URL's, built-in Schema coding, and great on-page features like 'Image Gallery', 'Video Gallery', 'Click to Text' button which appears front & center on mobile just below the phone number, and the ability to create 1,000's of webpages automatically.

The result is that T2HA websites can rank faster, and higher, than most freshly-developed websitThis offer is available to anybody.

If you already have a website you like, we will model your project after it. But, this is not for a website replacement: it's for a new website. On a brand new CPanel for you.
(*No porn, drugs, violence, alcohol, firearms, religious or political website requests, please.*)

If you don't have a website, show us something you would like us to 'model' for you, or ask us to choose a niche for you. Keep in mind: you'll be responsible for providing affiliate codes or custom code snippets or your affiliate link. We aren't doing any custom coding with this specialized process, or it would slow everything down for everyone.

We want to keep it streamlined, to help everyone make money soon.

Yes, it's completely ok to have multiple websites, and run them together to make more money.

Doing this also lets you split-test them, to see which works better. But keep all the income from each website.

For this streamlined project, we are going to do most of it 'our way', which reduces discussion time, effort, and eliminates coding issues. But it will still sell you and your products/services.

We will be contacting buyers for you with this project. This means it's not about WHETHER you'll make money with this project, but rather, HOW MUCH you'll make each month.
(Payouts will be monthly.)



2 Ways to Automatically Earn: What You Get

We will create your custom template, for your choice of business or industry (let us know if you don't have a preference and want us to choose for you).

We will create professional copywriting for you, so that your content beats copyscape, giving you a base 5-page website (or long-form Landing Page)
than can then be expanded out for geo-targeting or keyword variations.

And we will also make all your pages look great, with content, images, video, etc.

We'll also create Schema coding for up to 5 different product/service offers you have.
This way, your website will have great schema coding on every relevant page - which Google *really loves.*

We'll also create visitor tracking coding, so that you can SEE how many visitors you're getting to your website.
The results update in near-real time, so you're always aware what people are looking through.

Finally, we'll work with you to get your payment URL, coding snippets, or affiliate links into the project, or whatever you need to start selling.


There's more...

Now that your website is totally ready to sell for you, let's make it massive!

We'll create an expansion run to cover up to 350 cities - so your website will have at least 1750 pages.

Or, we'll create an expansion run to cover up to 350 keyword variations - so your website will have at least 1750 pages.

We guarantee that Google will list up to 1750 webpages on your behalf.
Each webpage will target up to 3 different keyword variations.
They will all be working for you.

Realistic Earnings Example:

If you get an average visitor/week for each relevant keword, that's about 21,000 visitors/month to start.
If just 0.3% buy (3 per 1000), that's 21 sales/month.
If your average profit per sale is $100, this is $6,300/month, or $75,600/year!
And you will not pay us anything from any of those sales.


And there's still more... (this is how we make money, and why we're willing to split the project cost with you):

We'll get a list of other sellers in your industry, to create pages for them - with their own information on the pages.

Along with that, we'll have an Order Form where they can go to buy their own website - they will be able to choose their options on the Order Form.

We'll also create 3 template designs for that Order Form, so that we are providing great customer service by
offering awesome website options (each has a full-scale, easy-to-use Admin Panel!)

We will contact those [10,000 or so] companies 2-3 times per week, to offer these quality websites.
(Why will we do this for free? Because that is the main method by which we make our living: selling websites and directories.)

Now, whenever we make any sales through your project, you will earn 25% commission of the net payment of each sale, for a full year from the launch of your project.

Your average commission is about $200/sale (from $120 - $375/sale).

Realistic Earnings Example:

If 0.1% (3 per 1000) buy an average project each week, that's 30 sales/week (on 10,000 contacts).
This is about 40 sales/month.
If your average profit per sale is $200, this is $8,000/month, or $96,000/year!
And that is commission you get to keep, while we do all the work to deliver the results.

You can print out the Reseller Agreement here: http://the-link-to-the-T2HA-Reseller-Agreement.zip
Simply sign, scan, and email that attachment to us. That locks in your commissions.


So how much does this project cost?

These are the 'moving parts' that have costs:

$15 1- Domain Name (we can get it for you, or you can through your own registrar. It's your choice.)
$50 2- Hosting Account (CPanel)
$295 3- Making & Installing the streamlined T2HA Template with Admin Panel (multi-page Website or long-form Landing Page)
$150 4- Professional Copywriting Job (base-5 pages developed onto website)
$50 5- Fitting all the Content, Images, Video into each page
$25 6- Setting up the relevant Sidebar Widgets: Facebook, Contact Us, Google Map (if applicable), etc.
$75 7- Setting up Internal Linking, Canonical URL's, Schema coding
$25 8- Setting up Visitor Tracking Code
$25 9- Creating your email for the website, and having it forward messages to your main email (if you want to include an email in your project)
$25 10- Making sure all the other information about you is correct (if applicable) - phone, company name, etc. (QA step)
$50 11- Researching/Setting up the City/States and/or Keyword Lists for mass expansion, and incorporating them into the website coding.
$50 12- Producing the First Expansion Run.
$25 13- Creating the Sitemap, adding project to Google WebMasters, and uploading the sitemap to jumpstart indexing.
$50 14- Extracting a database listing of companies in your industry, so we can sell websites to them (which is how we make money, and why we're willing to split the project cost with you).
$100 15- Creating client expansion project on GV's (with 'noindex' applied to this run).
$150 16- Creating the business listings into the Horizontal Directory, so we can show the prospects that this is included with their website purchase.
$50 17- Incorporating a Social Icon for the Horizontal Directory, to show the prospects that their website comes pre-loaded with a directory link.
$100 18- Setting up relevant email pitches, so we can CONTACT those companies twice weekly, to drive interest and sales (we both earn from this: you from commissions, and us for doing all the work for the buyers.)
$885 19- Setting up 3 more T2HA Templates w/Panels for the same industry (multi-page websites or long-form Landing Page), to offer choices to the companies we contact.
$55 20- Setting up the Order Page with the 4 templates, intro video, payment method, and email address to notify you of sales, so you are aware when they happen: we pay out 30 days following each sale, which allows us to complete each job, hear back from the client about any possible changes or updates, and ensure the client is happy with the outcome.
$150 Bi-weekly Series of Emails sent, each week, all year.

Total Project Cost: $2400 - You Pay Just 1/3 *TOTAL*: $800 (and you can pay in 2 installments!)

See purchase options below. We can allow $475 down and $395 when we're close to finished, for users who wish to pay half/half payments: Half down… and half when we have everything ready to upload into the directory and start the mailings, and submit the sitemaps to get everything rolling!)

Watch this to understand what makes our Websites impressive:

Order Form:

** Address information is required for our WA State Tax purposes.

** Do not hit 'Enter' as you fill in the fields (the page tries to submit). Just move your mouse from field to field.
If you hit 'Enter' and the page forwards too soon, simply hit the 'Back' button to continue.

(lower-case only, a-z, 0-9, dash (-) , underscore (_) with no spaces allowed)

Note: for every domain name you buy, please point your Nameservers to: NS1.MOWGSYSTEM.COM & NS2.MOWGSYSTEM.COM , so that we can make your website live.
[If you need help setting up your nameservers, ask GoDaddy Support how to do it -- they're awesome!] If we are getting your domain name, we will take care of this.

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You can choose to make 2 Installment Payments, instead of the single Full Payment:

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Grand Total: $0

Whichever options you choose above, it'll be powerful and we guarantee you'll love what you get.
Please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery of the first phase, and 1-2 weeks for delivery of the second phase.
Again, we are vested in your project, so we'll work it for you!
Thank You for Your Support!

Best Regards, David Bennett

Cell: 616-834-6552